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Businesses Advancing with Mobile Vending: Food-Beverage-Merchandise

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food beverage merchandise vending

Increasing Sales with Mobile Vending

Over the years our business has seen tremendous growth in the mobile industry. With a unique business model in food- beverage-merchandise vending and portable buildings, AllaCart Manufacturing is considered to be a reputable and knowledgeable leader in the industry. We have experienced and embraced all of the technological advances from vending push carts in the 70’s, to designing and manufacturing state of the art portable trucks, carts and buildings today.

Through technology and the broad use of mobile and internet applications, the world has gained knowledge but lost time. With over-scheduled lives and the need to get things done quickly, our mobile vending industry has risen to the occasion, serving the public with “on the spot” products and meals.  Because of this, you may have noticed that one of the fastest growing industries in the world consists of mobile vending and portable relocation.

Time is one of the very few things that we are not afforded the opportunity to buy back. Therefore, even when time is inconsequential (such as vacations) it has been discovered that quick service meals and novelty vending carts have taken precedence over many traditional stores and restaurants. As an example, places like Walt Disney World have replaced many of their themed stores and sit down dining venues with multiple custom vending kiosks and carts placed throughout the park. This has been done solely to allow for quick service, as dictated by the increased demand of the public. Many resorts have adapted very successful dining plans based on this need for fast service.

AllaCart is the largest manufacturer of mobile vending solutions and portable buildings. We design and fabricate vending carts, kiosks, trailers, food trucks, modular buildings and drilling houses and various other systems that produce and/or sell food, beverage and merchandise. Located in the USA, all of our custom fabrication is done within an extensive state of the art 225,000 square foot facility located on 55+ acres in Columbus, Ohio. We do not outsource our products and stand behind our work by maintain a high standard of practice.



Our facility offers a broad range of services including:

  • Custom Design
  • Sinks
  • Refrigeration and Freezers
  • Dry Storage
  • Electrical and Generator Systems
  • Food and Beverage Equipment
  • Cooking, Grilling and Heating Sources
  • Vending and Dispensing Equipment
  • Exterior Finishes
  • Driller Cabin Interior and Exterior
  • Canopy Tops, Specialty Roof and Enclosure Options
  • Vehicle Graphics


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