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Making Money with a Custom Vending Kiosk

Becoming Your Own Boss with a Custom Vending Kiosk in the U.S.

Custom Vending Kiosk

Between the demands of our personal and business lives, many people in the United States are short on time and looking to cut corners in any way possible. Because obligations generally can not be overlooked, modern shopping conveniences such as food sales at local pharmacies have been on the rise. In more recent years, the influx of sales via Custom Vending Kiosks have gone up drastically.

The truth is, we are all in need of modern conveniences and in some cases we will overpay for the luxury of time. Vending machines used to be the “go to” source for those in a hurry, however many Americans no longer carry cash and rely solely on debit cards for transactions. This fall of vending machines gave way to the increase in food kiosks for sale and generated a new age modern convenience in many cities across the US.

A custom vending kiosk has the ability to merchandise a much broader range of products and services including, but limited to:

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Reading Materials
  • Health and Beauty
  • Literature and Map stations
  • First Aid and OTC Medications
  • Novelty Gifts


Because the economy has gone through significant changes since 2009, many patrons prefer to purchase one or two items at a modern convenience station versus waiting to do a large shopping order. The increase of sales through this type of vendor has increased by double compared to years in the past. This is a trending business model that seems to be gaining momentum in all types of cities and areas.

It is a terrific time to invest in the income generating convenience vending business  for financial reasons, but what about personal ones? For many Americans, the dream of  owning their own company and becoming their own boss is just a daydream, until now. The investment required to start up a custom vending kiosk versus a standard store is considerably less and comes with much less risk. To browse through a gallery of kiosks to get your new business started, click here.

Whether building from scratch or updating an custom vending kiosk, Allacart has the knowledge experience and reputation to design to your specification.

Options include:

  • Full installation of electrical system
  • Installation of generator and alternate power sources
  • Design and implementation of water supply systems
  • Cold compartments, refrigerator and freezer installation
  • Towing hook-up or mobility adaptation
  • Dispensing equipment
  • Displays and weather protected menu areas
  • Roof options including canopy tops or full enclosures
  • Graphic design and branding options


If you have been considering starting a new business with a custom vending kiosk, give us a call or reach out to get a free quote. With over 40 years of experience, there are no questions we have not heard.