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Welcome to the exciting world of mobile vending! ALL A CART has been designing and manufacturing the finest in modular merchandising systems and custom mobile vending vehicles. Our modular merchandising division offers extensive consulting services to coordinate a complete turnkey program for the total promotion of your concept and products, be they branded or private label.


Hybrid Vending, Green Mobile Vehicles and GEM Cars


HV1- Cellular telephone Gem car, 5 flat screens, complete audio and video system completely self contained, electric generator driven



HV2- Custom Gem car super duper vending vehicle, Includes all stainless steel flat griddle grill, steam tables and cold plate refrigerated sandwich prep table with multiple cold pan storage, Display refrigeration shows off a multitude of pre-packaged food and beverage items, Lots of attractive graphics make this a mobile magnetic merchandising moto-vend!


HV3- On The Fly 72 Volt electric car with complete cooking and serving facilities on board, plus room for the operator, 4 sinks, and a generator to run it all. Click here for video from Washington DC’s On The Fly featuring our vehicles


HV4- 2000 Electric Gem Cars, battery powered with new paint and graphics


HV5- E-Z Go Golf Carts, Easton Town Center Security, with new paint and graphics


HV6- Ford Motor Plant, battery powered food serving vehicles with butane heated compartments and ice-cooled cold boxes


HV7- 3C Body Shop owner Bob Juniper, with his electric pink car accompanied by an eclectic electric flower cart


HV8-A complete mobile kitchen with propane grill and steam tables. Also features electric refrigerated sandwich preparation unit, display and storage refrigeration, heated storage drawer, as well as a a frozen drink dispensing machine Lots of functional features including 4 sinks and ice bin, as well as a convenient side entrance door. All topped off with custom ALL A CART fold up marquee door sign panels.


HV9- City of Arlington Virginia Economic Development green urban tourism all-electric mobile visitor information center, complete with flat screen digital TV, sound system, DVD player, maps, brochures. It all folds up into one neat package. Plus, it has plenty of room to roll 2 Segways up the removable ramp and into the unit for storage and transport.




Cushman with Cab-


Cushman without Cab-




Gem Car-






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