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Food Truck Hot Spots

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Food Trucks and Carts have been popping up all over the country, but which are ranking among the best?

From quick and common meals such as grilled cheeses and chicken wings to tacos and even fresh lobster bites, mobile vending stations are turning out some of the most inventive fusion foods on the planet.

Although from the outside these mobile food stations appear to be less complicated than a traditional restaurant, working a successful one is no simple task. While the cost to do business as compared to that of a conventional brick-and-mortar business is considerably lower, operators must obey local ordinances, work with mother nature and in many cases compete with traditional fast food establishments. Standing “out” is essential and that’s what the majority of these top rated vending food trucks have managed to do.

Some of the more popular hot spots have been listed below, as per the combination of tweets, fans, online opinions/ ratings as well as the number of visitors per year. Because food carts are also a large part of the industry, this list contains only the best of those with 4 wheels; not including trikes or towable carts.


Red Hook Lobster Pound – NYC

Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck

This has a plethora of seafood indulgences to offer and has left many satisfied customers hungry for more. You can find many types of shrimp salads and rolls, a lobster BLT, bisque and even delicious corn chowder.


The Grilled Cheese Truck- LA


The chefs profess that all of their food is “made with love”. They offer no fewer than 6-8 melts with combinations not seen in any traditional setting. Combining the amazing sandwiches with 21 sweet and savory additions, these meals can satisfy every possible taste bud and craving.


Wafels and Dinges- NYC


This dessert truck was established by Thomas DeGeeset after quitting his job at IBM back in 2007. Despite the economical changes many working Americans have suffered through, Wafels and Dinges has continued to grow, rising up through the ashes. Offering tasty combos of dough and your choice of sides, it is a celebration of goodness in your mouth. His unique and every changing sauces and toppings keep patrons coming back for more.


Korilla BBQ – NYC


This is a very interesting medley of Korean and Mexican cuisine wrapped up in one. They present foods in 3 forms: tacos, burrito or bowl. These oddly named creations cannot be described in words, but the customers leave happy and wanting more.


Sam’s Chowder Mobile (San Francisco)


This soup kitchen on wheels has gained much attention after being showcased on the show “Eat Street”. The menu features fried delicacies from the sea such as calamari, old bay fries with fish and chips and a fan favorite lobster roll.


These are merely a few examples of some of the highest rated customer reviews and overall  media hype. Towns across America cherish and patron their own best kept secret in mobile food and beverage establishments. If you have a hidden talent or infamous recipe that you feel could “make it big” on the road, check out some of  All A Cart’s custom portable kiosks and food/beverage vending buildings.