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Mobile Vending with Electric and Hybrid Vehicles- more than food carts and trucks

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Electric and Hybrid Vehicles are not just for  Food Carts and Trucks -here’s why..

When you think of a public library, more than likely you are not associating it with technological advances. Well, Grandview Heights / Columbus Ohio Public Library are proud to introduce an all new ‘Pop up Library’. Not giving up on encouraging education and the power of knowledge through reading, the library is hitting the pavement to share the good word.  But not only are they pulling out onto the open road, they are also considering the environment.


Similar to the old school bookmobile, this vehicle delivers the same results, only on a smamore than just food carts and trucksller scale. And why is that? It’s electric! This affordable and environmentally friendly vehicle is intended to reach residents who may not have access to the traditional building. Keep your eyes peeled, as this tiny but powerful vehicle will be rolling into town for Special Events, Fairs, Festivals, Founder’s Days and more…


food carts and trucks

Electric and Hybrid Vending Solutions

We have been custom designing and manufacturing cutting edge modular merchandising systems as well as mobile vending vehicles. Our specialty modular merchandising division will offer extensive consulting services to all of our customers. We specify and coordinate a complete turnkey program designed specifically for you and/or your brand.

Offering 100% battery powered vehicles to hybrid options; AllaCart Manufacturing is more than food carts and trucks. As technology advances, so does the services offered by our extensive manufacturing plant. For more information, or to discuss your specific needs with one of our team members, please click here. No request is too challenging, as we look forward to hearing from you!


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