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Ergonomiocally Designed Driller Cabins

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driller cabins

Driller Cabins & Portable Buildings

Purchasing a driller cabin is the best way to provide an increased level of safety and security while increasing work productivity. This highly efficient building can be easily relocated and allows for an optimal work environment.

Driller cabins and portable houses can be custom built to suit the needs of the specific environment or job.  The ergonomically designed construction of these operator stations are configured to allow for maximum space and visibility. Stress is reduced by muffling outside noise, elimination the high risk of injury and establishing a streamlined control area that is user friendly and comfortable.

Climate controls allow these driller cabins to be placed in any region. Additional features can be added to increase modern convenience and comfort:

  • Electrical hook-up & Generators
  • Water Supply & Sinks
  • Cooking & Grilling
  • Towing & Mobility Features
  • Exterior Finishes

The blend of custom design and integrated cutting edge technology allows the driller cabin to be whatever you need it to be. Every job and environment is specific and therefore the requested features are always taken into consideration with each and every build. Quality construction permits better overall communication with noise reduction because it allows for the operators to speak without the stress of outside noise and racket. The portable buildings greatly increase the safety and security of operators while reducing risk of injury.

Each highly efficient and functional operating station is manufactured based on requested specifications. User friendly layout are not just good looking but add to the overall work productivity.

driller cabins

Some additional features of  custom driller cabins:

>Lockable doors, keyed- for transport and safety

>Safety glass with optional protection bars for added safety measures

>Gas detection system installation

>Fully installed operator work station


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