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Concession Trailers – Push Cart – Merchandise Kiosk – Hybrid Vending Vehicle – Custom Food Truck

Concession Trailers and Vending Vehicles by AllACart 

All A Cart is a manufacturer of concession trailers, vending vehicles, food trucks and carts. We design and build all types of vending solutions. Our specialty consists of fabricating carts, kiosks, vending bikes, concession trailers, custom food trucks and more. With All A Cart you have options; build from scratch or upgrade what you currently have. Working with our team gives customers the unique ability to modify and adjust many aspects of their business.

Some of our most popular vending  products:

  • Custom Food Trucks
  • Hybrid Vending Vehicles
  • Electric Hybrid Bookmobile
  • Concession Trailer
  • Vending Push Cart
  • Pop up library
  • Food Carts


With over 40 years of experience, there is nothing we can not customize. Furthermore, our facility designs and builds in-house without ever subcontracting services. All A Cart is a trusted and reliable company that now ships internationally.

It is important that you choose an experienced fabricator because frankly, why wouldn’t you? First of all, we know that quality workmanship is important. However, there is more to this business. Our commitment is to deliver a state of the art design; fit for success.  Food and merchandise vending requires a higher level of quality control. This is where we go the extra mile to deliver a turn-key operation. The extra level of service provided by our team ensures that each product meets and exceeds code (and looks amazing!).

As a result of our positive reputation, you can see our work featured for companies such as:


Our Vending Vehicles Can Propel Your Business

All of our mobile vending vehicles are made to order. This seems like something many companies say. The difference here is that we take the time to speak with our customers in detail. Our team of designers will become acquainted with your business model. Learning about the day to day tasks is important. By analyzing many different aspects of your operation, we are able to improve it. The key to prosperity and growth is improvement. 

The Competitive Edge You Deserve

Who doesn’t want to start off ahead of their competition? Standing out in the crowd is a must. In addition, vendors must also be relevant. We tie these two two elements together in ways no other company can. This is essential if you want to compete in today’s marketplace. Each cart, trailer, truck or kiosk is tailored to meet the needs of the vendor. Piece by piece, we will bring your vision to life. The best part is that our company is always one step ahead of current trends.

Just like any other business, our customers have unique needs and wants. This challenges us and also inspires us. In fact, this is what has brought us the most attention. We have rolled out newsworthy builds such as the Electric Hybrid Bookmobile. Our talented team can literally recreate the way some businesses operate. When it comes to enhancing your profit, we have some unique ideas.  If you are seeking a new look to generate buzz, then you are in the right place. All A Cart Manufacturing is proud to represent vendors all over the world.

Types of Mobile Vending Products


In conclusion, we have the experience and knowledge to move you ahead. Step by step, our team is prepared to transform dreams into reality.

free estimate concession trailers and vending solutions



International Airport Vending Kiosks – Mobile Retail Carts by All A Cart Mfg

airport vending kiosks

Airport Vending Kiosks and Mobile Retail Solutions

Airport vending kiosks have become the leading retail solution to meet the needs of passengers all over the country. All A Cart Manufactures every possible portable unit imaginable.  Our units are intended to Increase overhead while maximizing the best use of the minimal space allowed within an airport. Since 2011, the rules and regulations have become strict, and security is top priority. This includes vending and retail establishments.

All A Cart has a finger on the pulse of the airline industry and has stepped up to the challenges that many vendors face. As many are phasing into self service vending machines, we believe there is a greater need for service related products. Services provided by a staff member will generate more revenue. Food and beverage carts, novelty items and airport vending kiosks that sell merchandise, novelty gifts, books and electronics far outsell vending machines. It is mainly because self serve machines can only carry a specific product limit. This puts a cap on the variety, options and goods that a vendor can offer to the passenger.  Ultimately this results in minimal returns, regardless of whether or not the overhead is more affordable.

Our vending carts, kiosks and portable buildings can offer the airline passenger an exceptional retail experience while bringing the highest return to the vendor.

Airline Retail Solutions

Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, All A Cart Manufacturing habbb-rating-a-logo-300x177s set the standard in high quality manufacturing and mobile retail solutions. Providing custom airport vending kiosks, there is no form of portable unit, cart or concession stand that our team cannot create.  We approach this industry differently than other tradional factory lines or overseas distributors.  We collaborate and design each unit to meet the needs and wants of your business. Each vending product and vehicle is hand crafted and built in the United States- in Ohio.

International Airport Vending Kiosks – Mobile Retail Carts, Stations and Kiosks by All A Cart

  • Push Carts
  • Vending Carts
  • Vending Trucks
  • Hybrid Vehicles
  • GEM Cars
  • Custom Food Trucks
  • Vending Trikes
  • Food Beverage Carts
  • Concession Stands
  • Portable Buildings (and more)

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Top Rated Food Truck Manufacturers – All A Cart – Mobile Vending Solutions Worldwide

international shipping of food trucks faqs

Food Trucks and Vending Carts – International Sales – Food Truck Manufacturers  | All A Cart is Industry Leader

New methods of food distribution has creative food truck manufacturers redefining the way we go out to eat. From entertaining to sophisticated, there is no such thing as a theme or idea that can not be fabricated. Through the talents of All A Cart, we are seeing hybrid bookmobiles, large grocery chains delivering to customers, charitable organizations feeding the hungry and entrepreneurs reinventing american cuisine. From ice cream carts, hot dog stands, merchandise kiosks, ticket booths, concession stands, information centers, electronic charging stations to custom food trucks, you will find them everywhere. County malls now line the center of the pathway with pop up kiosks and sales centers. Many will now begin to notice them more in airports, schools, cities and small towns. Mobile vending is not the future, this is the present and All A Cart is the most experienced manufacturer in the United States.  The demand for these products expands beyond the states, however. As a reputable manufacturer with an excellent history of delivering high quality products, All A Cart has set the standard.

The mobile vending industry continues to evolve and food truck manufacturers are seeing that on an international level. To meet the demands and needs of vendors worldwide, All A Cart Manufacturing is now fabricating food carts, trucks, kiosks and push carts all over the world.

food truck manufacturers

Food trucks are not just a business, they have become a movement. As food truck manufacturers since 1972, All A Cart recognizes that this is more than a trend. In fact, this new method of food service has reached new highs each and every year.  There are food truck festivals, events and entire corporations built around them. It is with great excitement that All A Cart has the ability to custom fabricate food trucks and vending vehicles on a larger scale.


Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and receiving accolades from multiple Inner City 100 Awards, All A Cart has set the standard in high quality manufacturing. Providing custom workmanship, there is no form of portable vending vehicle, machine, cart or truck that cannot be built.


The company operates much differently from a factory line. The team treats each project individually, just as each business is run differently. Customers are advised and assisted from initial design to collaborating ideas. The process is all about bringing a vision to life. All A Cart is not a “cookie cutter” company who rolls out the same models and designs for you to choose from. Each vending product and vehicle is hand crafted and built in the USA.


As International Food Truck Manufacturers, All a Cart has also fabricated the best mobile vending solutions such as:

  • Push Cartsfree estimate
  • Vending Carts
  • Vending Trucks
  • Hybrid Vehicles
  • GEM Cars
  • Custom Food Trucks
  • Vending Trikes
  • Food Beverage Carts
  • Concession Stands
  • Portable Buildings (and more)


Inquire about a custom quote or international questions by completing this simple contact form : Food Truck Manufacturers | Mobile Vending Quote

We are more than Food Truck Manufacturers, our extensive warehouse can build things you can only imagine. Large corporations have relied on the expertise of our company but we believe there is no job too big or small. Just because we are experts, does not mean we over charge. Pay for what you deserve and not what other company’s think you are worth.

food trucks and carts for sale

All A Cart Manufacturing 2001 Courtright Road  |  Columbus, OH 43232
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Main: 614-443-5544  |  Fax: 614-443-4248



Airport Vending Carts and Kiosks – All A Cart Manufacturing

airport concession carts and kiosks

Airport Vending Carts and Kiosks

All a Cart is a specialized manufacturer that offers custom products for other businesses, such as airport vending carts and kiosks.

When it comes to passenger services, we have the unique ability to custom fabricate any form of concession or sales unit. Passenger sales make up a large portion of overall sales within any airport. Since the rules and regulations have become more strict, sales of products have increased  because passengers are unable to carry them through security. Basic items such as bottled water have become one of the largest areas of growth for many vendors across the country. In addition, the more traditional sales are still climbing, such as books , newspapers and magazines.

Airport vending carts and kiosks are a flourishing business because designated areas within the structure are often limited, therefore our mobile units offer flexibility.  There is no need to invest in unnecessary construction or inspections, as our carts and kiosks come complete and ready for sales.

Vending Carts and Kiosks are practical solutions for:

  • Newspaper and Magazines

  • Charging Stations

  • Food and Beverage Sales

  • Specialty Items

  • Novelty Gifts

  • Credit Card Application and Sales

  • Products Displays

  • Promotional Offers and Sales

  • Specialty Apparel and Clothing

  • Ice Cream Cart

  • Coffee, Espresso and Cappuccino Station

  • Sales of Alcoholic Beverages or Specialty Drinks

  • Cell Phone or Wi-Fi Centers

airport vending carts and kiosks

We can customize any and all sales units such as portable buildings, carts or stations to meet the needs of your products or services. There is nothing we cannot build, fabricate, generate or design. We have the ability to bring out-of-the-box ideas to life- you just need to ask. Our creative team will collaborate with you and together we bring your vision to life.

Custom Features and Accessories include (but not limited to):

  • Power and Electrical Sources and Outlets
  • Generator Application
  • Special Purpose Sinks
  • Water Supply Systems and Holding Tanks
  • Refrigerators of almost any size and capability
  • Freezers and cold storage compartments
  • Food Cook Tops and Ranges
  • Barbecues, Grilling and Heating Equipment
  • Push, Pull or Tow Capability
  • Canopy Tops, Roof and Specialty Enclosures
  • Exterior Graphics, Vinyl Wraps or Finishes
  • Displays, Menus and Boards
  • Lighting and Locking Mechanisms
  • Seating Schematics or Fold-Out Arrangements
  • Dispensary Units and Stands
  • Custom Graphic Design or Logo Applications
  • Indoor and Outdoor Adaptable Features


Browse our Gallery of Work 

Feel free to review our selection of products and abilities. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.


food trucks and carts for sale

Our business specializes in custom manufacturing and fabrication, from your own specifications and drawings or our Design & Engineering department can create your product for you.

All a Cart’s mission is to earn the respect and loyalty of our clientele by manufacturing the very best mobile and modular vending systems, including airport vending carts and kiosks. We have set the standard as a world wide leader of quality and cost effectiveness through our experienced team members,  technology and superior customer service.


Food and Beverage Carts- International Manufacturer- Built in the USA

food and beverage carts by


All a Cart is the leading manufacturer for portable vending units including food and beverage carts. We provide turn-key portable units across the globe. That’s right, we are an international provider of vending carts, wagons, stands, food trucks, trailers and more.

All a Cart has been successful in creating some of the most innovative food and beverage carts for business owners all across the world. Our manufacturing is done within the United States as we are known to have set the industry standards by exceeding local, state and federal mandates for food and beverage service.  We take this profession very seriously and plan to stay in business for generations to come.

Perhaps it is time that you advance your business or add more food and beverage carts to your fleet?  We work directly with you to establish your needs and wants. Our next step involves a collaboration of efforts to come up with a design. We strive to meet your industrial needs as well as your budget. All Cart representatives are experienced and trained to advise you every step of the way. We are here to earn your respect whether you are new to the industry or an experienced vendor.


Browse through our work, by selecting from one of the topics below:

120px-Bullet-redFood Carts

Dessert Carts120px-Bullet-red

120px-Bullet-redBeverage Carts

Merchandise Carts120px-Bullet-red



 Customize Your Cart 










Vending Options

All of our carts are specially designed with your area of expertise in mind. Here are a few services that are provided from our vending carts, kiosks and portable buildings:

    • Bottled Water and Beverage Stands
    • Snowcones, Gelato and Mobile Ice Cream Sales
    • Hot Dog Stands and Roasted Peanuts
    • Coffee and Hot Beverage Stations
    • Corn Dogs, Corn on the Cob and Turkey Legs
    • Ticket Sales- Theatre, Concerts and Local Events
    • Newspapers, Magazines and Pamphlets
    • Video Games, DVDs and Movie Rentals
    • Doughnuts, Pastries and Cookies
    • Candy Apples and Chocolates
    • Cupcakes and Specialty Cakes
    • Energy Drinks and Shakes
    • Health Food and Shakes
    • Information Desk and Help Centers
    • Charger and Work Stations
    • Toys, Novelty Gifts and Maps
    • Mobile Library and Bookmobile
    • Glowsticks and Seasonal Items
    • Posters and Sticker…and much more


Food and Beverage Carts can be a phenomenal resource to sell or provide virtually any type of service. Please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our representatives if you have any questions. Another great way to reach out to us is by simply completing our basic online form. This allows you to check off pre-filled boxes, which will fill us in as to which type of unit you are interested in.

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Custom Food Trucks, Concession Trailers, Vending Carts and more

allacart food trucks and mobile vending

Where to Buy Custom Food Trucks, Concession Trailers, Vending Carts, Kiosks, Trikes and more

There are often assumptions about what it is that we do (or don’t do). Specialty fields such as mobile vending can be clouded with a touch of mystery and even confusion, especially those new to the industry.

What We Don’t Do

Here’s the thing- we are not your run-of-the-mill hot dog stand manufacturer and we do not just build custom food trucks. In between those two areas is a plentiful selection of mobile vending solutions, and we do it all. But it is important that you understand that we don’t slap together a pre-fabricated kit or unit. Our mechanical team is not there to screw seams together on a food truck or slap on a logo and call it a vending truck. This is likely what has set our business apart from the others and we take pride in that fact. All A Cart is an industry leader and we have taken that role and position very seriously.

What We Actually Do

Mobile distribution vehicles and portable buildings are designed and custom built by our experienced team and rolled out customized and tailored. Often our customers are left breathless because exceed expectations even after the very first consultation.
So here is the way that we see it. No two businesses or individually owned companies are exactly alike, right? Even if you sell similar products or services as your competitor, it is usually not done in the same exact way. Because it not performed in the same exact way, then you would require different tools and features. Are you following along? This is where we stand out and how we can launch your business higher than you ever thought. By adding or suggesting key elements and accessories, we are able to enhance your daily operation and delivery of services or products. These key suggestions could ultimately be the key to increasing your volume and overall profit. So, with all of that being said, why would you purchase a standard “cookie-cutter” food truck or portable vending cart? More than likely, it is because you did not know that you had any other options.

You Have Options

When it comes to designing and creating a vending solution that meets your needs, we take many factors into consideration. All A Cart will discuss your individual specifications, needs and special requests to come up with the best option and plan. It is important to us and we make a commitment to deliver nothing short of your vision.

Our vehicles include options such as:










More Than Hot Dog Carts

Even though we have an extensive background in the food vending industry, All A Cart accommodates a much larger community or vendors and service providers. Here are a few examples of what we have done in the past (or can do for you now):

Local Sports Concession Trailers
Mobile Library and Bookmobile
Hybrid Technology and GEM cars
Electronics Data Center
Campaigns and Public Awareness
Information Centers and Ticket Booths
Registration and Fundraising Kiosks
Voting Centers or Voter Registration
Vending Trucks, Trailers, Carts and Trikes


Mobile Vending Vehicles

The best way to get from point A to point B is a straight line. What does that mean? Well, we believe that reaching out (by completing this form) is most efficient ways for you to determine how we can help.

free estimate


Custom Food Trucks- BUILT IN THE USA- Live the American Dream


Custom Food Trucks… could this be the financial freedom you have been searching for?

Times sure have changed, especially when it comes to the job market. One of the biggest shifts is the current interpretation of chasing  “the American Dream”. Somehow that phrase means something quite different than it used to mean a century ago.  Nowadays many aspire for independence and financial freedom, abandoning their hopes for job security, advancement and a comfortable retirement.

Interestingly enough, those willing to take the risk by branching out on their own are succeeding in more ways than one. Naturally there were “booms” along the way, such as the technological industry. In certain niches like technology, the evolution of new and improved resources made it difficult for independent contractors to sustain themselves, let alone compete with large corporations.  But there is one area that is climbing and rising to the top of the heap: Mobile Vending; more specifically Custom Food Trucks.


custom food trucks- attendanceDid you know that there is now a higher

attendance rate for Food Truck Festivals

than most Local & State Fairs & Carnivals?


Custom Food Trucks are Lucrative and Here’s Why


  • Y_H_foodtruck-1You can personally manage your overhead and products
  • They are 1/3 of the cost of a store/restaurant/franchise
  • You can work as many or as few hours as you would like
  • There is the ability to change or modify your products & services
  • You can change locations to meet the needs of your customers
  • Food trucks can be customized to accommodate your business
  • They require very little maintenance and  the utilities are inexpensive
  • You are mobile, allowing the participation in popular festivals and events


Products and Services Sold out of a Mobile Vehicles

The options are literally endless as to what type of product or service you choose to sell out of a vending cart, truck, kiosk or concession trailer. Food, Beverages, Novelty Items, Ice Cream, and Merchandise are the most popular, but we are seeing an increase in new innovative vending.

Custom Food Truck Businesses are on the RISE!


All a Cart is a full service mobile vending manufacturer that has been operating a successful business since 1972.

arrowOur mission is to design or collaborate with you to bring your dream (or current business) to a higher level. We can successfully assist you in obtaining the ultimate goal of financial independence and stability.  Why are we so confident? The answer is simple, because we have been watching it happen to our customers for over 40 years.

To view some of our finishes products throughout various stages of production, simply choose from one of the categories below and browse our image gallery:


free estimate


Contact us TODAY  for a FREE ESTIMATE and let’s get started on your financial FREEDOM tomorrow

We are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of Custom Food Trucks

We manufacture, design and install every possible feature in a food truck including:  Food and beverage equipment, many types of cook tops and heating/cooling elements, storage compartments, sinks, water supplies, displays, dispensing equipment and so much more. Basically if you need it in order to function independently, we can design, create and install it for you.


  • 101 6500-15,000 watt LP, gasoline, or diesel fueled generator with 115 and/or 230 volt output, enclosed in a sound-inhibiting compartment w/ exhaust vented above roof top,remote starting switch, hour meter, LP tanks enclosed in properly vented compartment with hinged access door.
  • 102 Complete electrical system with circuit breaker panel, separate breakers for each receptacle and hook-up cord.
  • 103 Direct electrical hook-up conversion capability, use when generator not needed, and electricity is available.



  • 201 Four (4) Compartment gravity sink with fresh/waste water tanks – 12″x6″x6″ bowls.
  • 202 Stainless Hand Sink w/ backslplash 10″ x 14″ x 6″bowl
  • 203 Three (3) Compartment Stainless steel sink 74″ x 24″ – 19″ x 16″ x 25″ bowls
  • 204 Three (3) Compartment Sink 38″L x 18″W w/11″ x 13″ x 6″ bowls.
  • 205 Self-contained pressurized water system with removable tanks, pressurizing pump and water heater.
  • 206 Ice Cream dipper well with supply/waste tanks, pump, water heater.
  • 207 Garbage Disposal



  • Under counter Refrig/freezers (29″D x 41″H):
  • 301 One (1) Door, 27″W Refrig.
  • 302 One (1) Door, 27″W Freezer
  • 303 Two (2) Door, 48″W Refrig.
  • 304 Two (2) Door, 48″W Freezer
  • Reach-in Standing Refrig/freezers (32″D x 80″H):
  • 311 One (1) Door, 25.5″W Refrig.
  • 312 One (1) Door, 25.5″W Freezer
  • 313 Two (2) Door, 51″W Refrig
  • 314 Two (2) Door, 51″W Freezer
  • 321 Mini Display Refrigerator, 6.3 cu ft cap. with lights, 20″ x 27″ x 35″
  • Refrigerated Sandwich tables (29″D x 41″H):
  • 331 One (1) Door, 8 pan w/ cutting board, 27″W
  • 332 Two (2) Door, 12 pan w/ cutting board, 48″W
  • 341 Insulated cold compartment, ice bin with drain, removable stainless steel door, ice or dry ice cooled-sized to fit your design.
  • 342 Ice Cream Freezer, 4 cu ft cap., 37″x24″x17″ 115volt
  • 343 Electric cold plate freezer-plug in 12 hr.- holds 12 hrs. at 0 degrees F unplugged, sized to your design.
  • 344 Ice Machine, 200lb, 30″W x 38″H, 36″D



  • 401 Flat Griddle, LP/elec or both, 16″x20″ & Up.
  • 402 Char-broiler, 2 grates, lavarock, LP/elec or both, 16″x20″ & Up.
  • 403 Salamander (overhead oven) w/ 36″ backriser
  • 404 Range, 6 burners/1 oven, 36″x30″x36″ & Up.
  • 405 Elec. Roller grill, 27 HD cap., 23″x18″x11″
  • 406 Elec.Bun warmer for Roller grills, 42 max. 23″x20″x11″
  • 407 Gas Counter-top Deck Oven 23″x26″x28″ range of 250ºF-650ºF
  • 408 Counter-top Conveyor oven, 220V, 32″x42″x20″
  • 409 Half-size elec. convection oven, 30″x26″x29″
  • 410 Deep fryer, LP/elec. 120,000 BTU, 42-50lb
  • 411 Steam table LP/elec or both, 12″x20″x6″
  • 412 Two (2) burner Hot Plate, 10″W x 20″D,LP/elec or both.
  • 431 Countertop Food Steamer, 16″W x 16″D, elec.
  • 432 Microwave Oven, 1000-watt, 14″x17″x22″, elec
  • 433 Spindle Drink Mixer, single, 115V, 3 spd
  • 434 Hamilton Beach Blender, 2 spd, 1/2 gal cap.
  • 435 Elec. Proofing/Warming/Holding Cabinet, 70″x 25″x 32″
  • 436 Grease Trap, 40lb, 20gal per minute, 15″x28″x17″



  • 501 Towing package: removable hitch coupler with swing-away crank handle and leveling wheel, full independent torsion axles, pneumatic tires, removable or telescoping heavy-duty ball bearing casters with brakes and grease fittings, brake/turn signal and running lights, safety chains, easy lube bearing hubs on each wheel, spare tire, full chrome hub caps.
  • 502 Quick removable axles (for towing) – convertible to 4 casters (for pushing).
  • 503 Push cart: 2 spoke wheel, 2 Casters or 4 heavy duty casters, 2 rigid, 2 swivel with brakes.
  • 504 Four (4) corner leveling jacks for trailers.
  • 505 Pedal-powered trike, moped frame, 3 or 10 speed.
  • 506 Moped-powered trike, 49 c.c. max engine size.



  • 601 Snack display clip rack, mounted or free standing.
  • 602 Cup dispenser, enclosed in counter or canopy top.
  • 603 Cone dispenser, enclosed in counter or canopy.
  • 604 Clear acrylic display cases for food items or condiments.
  • 605 Sneeze guard – removable, sectioned or solid mount to canopy or counter-top, with or without shelf, acrylic or stainless
  • 606 Inspected & approved fire extinguisher, mounted.
  • 607 Removable trash and/or condiment compartments, side mounted or counter-top
  • 608 Interior/Exterior shelves-fold up/down 6″-24″.



(Carts & Kiosks Only)

  • 701 Removable 48″-96″ umbrella with lettering, vinyl or fabric, your color choice.
  • Canopy, solid mount or telescoping 80″-108″H w/ brass or stainless steel support poles:
  • 711 Barrel Canopy
  • 712 Hip Canopy
  • 713 Peak Canopy
  • 714 Flat Canopy

Canopy covers, lettered:

  • 721 Fabric
  • 722 Vinyl
  • 723 Metal
  • 724 Rigid acrylic
  • 715 Solid mount aluminum and stainless steel canopy top with end windows and fold up/down aides and/ or ends, matching fabric valance, 80″ – 96″ high, overhang covers customers and worker.
  • 731 Fluorescent or track lighting inside canopy, 12 volt or 115 volt.
  • 732 Removable vinyl/fabric 3-sided enclosure with clear panels around worker- roof to ground.



  • 801 Acrylic plastic panels on cart with graphics to your specifications.
  • 802 Vinyl graphics on side/end panels or umbrella panels.
  • 803 Exterior finish laminated with ‘Formica’ or ‘Wilsonart’ on counters, shelves, and panels with plastic, wood, brass, stainless steel or aluminum trim.
  • 804 Neon or illuminated signage designed and made to your specifications.
  • 805 Custom formed or carved acrylic or wood panels created with your logo.
  • 811 If needed, All A Cart Design Department will create a custom design logo for you.



We Build Street Vendor Carts, Hot Dog Stands and More- All a Cart Mfg

street vending carts by allacart

Manufacturer of Street Vendor Carts, Hot Dog Stands and Portable Concessions of Every Type

Street vendor carts come in many forms, shapes and specifications, depending on the needs of our customer. Examples of the primary choices would include these 4 basic categories:


Because each sales transaction type is uniquely different, we understand the importance of putting a fingerprint on your business. We take branding to a higher level by custom designing a specific plan of action when creating your layout. Our experienced staff is on hand to walk you through the process, whether you are a start up business or flourishing company. As technology and the world has evolved, so has the technological advances in street vending- and we are here to show you how you can get more sales.

You see, our business is not limited to just custom fabrication of various types of street vendor carts. We do not have cookie cutter examples of our work, because just like people, each one of our projects is unique.  Certainly we build every possible type of portable concession vehicle imaginable, but here at All a Cart, we dive a little deeper.  We personally handle every detail with you and your business, including:


  • Assistance with meeting the demands of Health Department Codes
  • How to maximize your income with layout options
  • Custom design and installation of components
  • Graphics and advertising, including vinyl wraps
  • Mounted sales boards, menus and special promotions
  • Roofs, umbrellas and patron covered areas
  • International shipment of street vendor carts, kiosks and food trucks
  • Specialty items custom built to serve your business model
  • FREE price quotes and consultation on a new build
  • Refurbishments, repairs or upgrades for portable sales units


We love to hear about you and your business type and welcome any unusual requests or challenges. Keep in mind that we do not just make these “for the street”, many of our units can be found in shopping malls, amusement parks, carnivals and more.

Here are a few examples of the types of products sold from our custom vending food carts, kiosks, food trucks, trailers, trikes, hotdog stands and portable concession buildings:

  • Bottled Water and Beverage Standsvideopage1-733x1024
  • Snowcones, Gelato and Mobile Ice Cream Sales
  • Hot Dog Stands, Roasted Peanuts and Pretzels
  • Coffee and Hot Beverage Stations
  • Corn Dogs, Corn on the Cob and Turkey Legs
  • Ticket Sales- Theatre, Concerts and Local Events
  • Newspapers, Magazines and Pamphlets
  • Video Games, DVDs and Movie Rentals
  • Doughnuts, Pastries and Cookieshot dog stand
  • Candy Apples and Chocolates
  • Cupcakes and Specialty Cakes
  • Energy Drinks and Shakes
  • Health Food and Protein Shakes
  • Information Desk and Help Centers
  • Charger and Work Stations
  • Toys, Novelty Gifts and Maps
  • Mobile Library and Bookmobilekolladg
  • Glowsticks and Seasonal Items
  • Posters and Stickers
  • Kids Toys and Balloons
  • Remote Control Devices – helicopters and cars
  • Music Distribution Center
  • Welcome Station and Registration Stand


As you can see, the vending options in which we have the ability to accommodate are vast. All a Cart Manufacturing sincerely looks forward to stepping up to serve your needs. We are an international vending carts distributor and welcome any inquiries for shipping out of the country, if needed.




Food Carts and Trucks – We will take your business to the next level


Does your business include food carts and trucks?  Whether you are a start-up or an existing mobile vendor, All a Cart Manufacturing has the technical and design experience to launch your business model to new heights.

We can take your business concept and bring it to the next level

As a specialty business ourselves, we have mastered state of the art mobile vending solutions for every type of food, beverage, product and otherwise. All a Cart has many capabilities, some of which include:

  • Repair or modify your existing vehicle, cart, trike, trailer and more
  • Custom food truck from defood carts and trucks sign to delivery
  • Kitchen configurations to your specification
  • Install or modify to meet the needs of your product sales
  • Specialty sinks- dipper wells, multi compartment sinks and more
  • Cabinets, casework and storage bins
  • Design hot and cold storage compartments
  • Design and apply vehicle advertising wraps
  • Run necessary and/or optional electrical lines
  • Install water supply systems and lines
  • Condiment compartments and dispensing equipment
  • Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Temperature monitoring compartmentsmobile library bookmobile GEM car
  • Cook tops, grilling stations and heating elements
  • Towing packages, hook ups and temporary placement equipment
  • Canopy tops, enclosures and custom rooftops
  • Neon and/or illuminated signage
  • Acrylic or wood carved logo panels
  • Removable umbrellas with custom logo or branding
  • Completely unique custom food carts and trucks
  • Manufacturing of identical fleets



vending trikes

hybrid vending vehicles

food carts and trucksfood trucks for sale



What types of products or vehicles do we work on?

We have already mentioned that we work on food carts and trucks, but our business reaches far beyond that. Some other products and services include:

Trailers alc H


  • Portable Kiosks
  • Hybrid vending vehicles
  • GEM Cars
  • Mobile Library and bookmobilesTrucks ALC H
  • Vending Trikes
  • Portable Buildings
  • Custom Food Trucks
  • Push cartsfood carts and trucks
  • Hot Dog Stands
  • Ice Cream bikes and carts




Have Ideas? There is nothing we cannot design, fabricate or deliver.

As an international provider of services, All a Cart Manufacturing has the ability to ship and deliver locally, throughout the states and globally. Our mission is to earn the respect and loyalty of our clientele by manufacturing the very best mobile and modular vending systems possible. We also respect budgets and have set the standard for being a worldwide leader of quality and cost effectiveness through our people, technology and superior customer service.

To learn more or receive a quote, please click here.


Food Carts and Trucks Sold Internationally | All A Cart Manufacturing

Our website has launched a new addition to include our internationals sales of food carts and trucks (as well as all other vending units). Our pages will include frequently asked questions, shipping and ordering information and general information pertaining to our global distribution to vendors all over the world.

We Ship Worldwide, Anywhere, Anytime…global

Recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation, we are considered a valued authority and industry leader for food and vending products.  We have set the standard for impeccable quality control – often exceeding health codes and regulations. We do more than the bare minimum on each and every job, including our international product development and shipments. Our global division is equipped to handle the vending needs for virtually every market.


What Do We Ship?

ALL A CART  is your one stop shop for all types of vending and sales preparation  including serving carts, kiosks, tricycles, trailers, trucks, cars, driller cabins, portable and modular buildings as well as cabinets and case work, store and restaurant fixtures and drive up buildings.

Click on one of the links below to be redirected to a product or vehicle:


How Are International Orders Placed?

International sales are easy when you work with All A Cart because of our advanced interactive tools, cutting edge technology and experienced representatives available to handle your global order. We also have a handy checklist pertaining the ordering process which assists us both in determining which product or modification would best suit your needs.

Our company has been referred to as the  industry leader in custom fabrication for every type of mobile vending product- both nationally and internationally.

  • We provide high quality design and fabrication services such as renovations, upgrades and custom builds
  • Our global division is available to assist you from beginning to end- including ordering and shipments
  • We have extensive resources, experience and a warehouse  equipped to modify, repair, upgrade and custom fabricate every possible accessory and feature
  • Energy Efficient vehicles such as Hybrid and Electric GEM cars are available for vending modification through All A Cart
  • Food, Beverage and Merchandise vending (of every type) can be altered to suit the needs of each individual business or vendor
  • The ability to tend to every detail, from custom graphics/advertising wraps, complete kitchens to customer service platforms and more


Contact us fofood trucks for sale international shippingr more information about placing an international order or for more information about one of our food carts, vending kiosks, concession trucks and more. Simply complete the following form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Not Your Average Food Truck – Electric GEM Vending Vehicles on the Rise

Electric GEM vending truck

GEM Cars and hybrid vehicle sales are on the rise- AllaCart Mfg

In recent years the interest in hybrid vehicles and GEM cars has increased, right around the time that gas prices were on the rise. As a manufacturer who focuses on mobile vending solutions of every type, AllaCart began to work on these electric and hybrid motorcars for customers who showed an interest. However within the last year, we have seen their popularity double, almost triple- and it’s an exciting change!


Since the early 1970’s, AllaCart has been manufacturing and designing all types of mobile vending devices and vehicles, such as:

  • Vending Trikes
  • Street Carts and Hotdog Stands
  • Food Trucks
  • Food and Merchandise Kiosks
  • Beverage Stations
  • Trailers


Quick facts about GEM Vehicles

  • G.E.M stands for Global Electric Motorcars
  • Currently leads the marketplace for LSV sales (low speed vehicles)
  • More than 50,000 sold around the world
  • Total miles driven on a GEM= 450 million
  • The amount of gallons of gas saved= 20 million


What sets them apart from other vending trucks?

The environmentally favorable method by which this mighty machine is propelled is what attracts many buyers to this type of mobile unit. This zero emission motorcar meets and exceeds federal guidelines allowing it to be permissible on the street. Many customers will ask if we sell “street legal” GEM cars, and our answer is YES!  We build, modify and custom fabricate food carts and trucks- but our newest line of hybrid and GEM cars perform exceptionally for:

  • Hotels, Resorts or Beach-Side Vending
  • Security Officers and Checkpoints
  • Property Management
  • Neighborhood and/or Local Commuting
  • Athletic Complexes
  • Street Vending of Food, Beverage and Merchandise

How long does this electric vehicle stay charged?

It takes approximately 6-8 full hours to completely charge up. Once driven, you will get approximately 35-40 miles.  If it is on need of some more power, it can be plugged in anywhere, at any time and will charge with ease.  These make for fantastic street vending vehicles because often a vendor will take a short trip and stay stationary for the course of the day, at which time it can be re-charged back up. We also offer a hybrid vehicle if you are in need of more mileage than this currently offers.

As a top rated specialized manufacturer with over 40 years of  experience, we have seen trends come and go- but we believe that this one is here to stay. As the vending industry (as a whole) has evolved in many ways, especially over the last 15 years- it is possible that this type of mobile unit may phase out the older models over the course of time. . Fortunately, as a forward thinking company- we have evolved with the technological advances and are able to deliver you modifications, upgrades and accessories specific to your needs. To learn a little more about us, click here.




More recently, we were proud to manufacture a special vehicle intended to be used as a form of public service. A local library has taken their reading materials and hit the streets- in an electric vehicle we built for them. This new and improved approach to distributing  valuable resources  has brought a community together in a whole new way.





Some of our food, beverage and merchandise vending vehicles:

request a quote


AllaCart Extends Manufacturing of Food Carts and Trucks- Introducing the ALL NEW Bookmobile

mobile library vending truck stsyel allacart 1

AllaCart Fabricates All New Energy Efficient Book Mobile

Adding to the already extensive line of vending carts and trucks, AllaCart Manufacturing is excited to present the all new electric book mobile. The Grandview Heights Public Library has recently unveiled their very own compact vehicle, manufactured by Allacart, and the residents LOVE it!

The library system has efficiently and effectively  found an inventive approach to circulation of their reading material. Their slogan “slow down and read” is saturating the town while  generating excitement. This electric vehicle has been specially designed by AllaCart to transport library books and resources to the neighboring areas -as well as additional services from staff members. Visitors will have the ability to browse current reading materials, obtain a new library card and learn about current events and special resources being offered through the library.

This mobile library will maintain a regular schedule circulating throughout Grandview Heights and Marble Cliff- visiting places such as summer programs, schools, pool clubs and other local events. The interesting twist on this new delivery system is that materials will be replaced and changed according to the theme of the venue or targeted audience. This is a fantastic way to get the community together while also  sharing public resources with them.

Since this low speed, energy efficient electric vehicle has rolled out, the response has been tremendous. Funding for this new mobile project has come from the Grandview Heights Public Library Foundation- which is a privately funded organization. Many residents have already started to plan a visit to this cool   “POP-UP Library” as the buzz is quickly spreading through town.

Allacart Manufacturing is located in Columbus Ohio and has been responsible for other tremendous builds and mobile vending resources.  To learn more or to inquire about a vehicle like this,  click here to be redirected. The company is always learning and growing as they continuously strive to earn the respect and loyalty of  their customers. This company has been awarded many honors including  A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau as well as  multiple Inner City 100 Awards for delivering very best mobile and modular vending systems in the world.

 food trucks and carts for sale





BREAKING NEWS: Columbus rolls out food truck offering FREE FOOD to kids


free food program- food trucks for sale - allacart mfg

Food trucks for sale now expanding beyond local businesses


Columbus Food Truck Hits the Road- Free Food Program for Kids in Summer

Franklin County has jumped on-board with an amazing new opportunity to expand their program offering Free Food to children- with a food truck. This mobile unit plans to hit the streets every week day to deliver children a well balanced meal. It is understood that safety is an issue for many working parents, especially during the summer months. Many parents and guardians ask that their children stay close to home, which is why many are welcoming this new and improved  delivery system. This food truck will allow the county to reach more children in need.

AllaCart Manufacturing proudly designed and fabricated this custom food truck on behalf of the department. This portable distribution vehicle features everything  needed to safely and effectively deliver nourishment to local areas. As a reputable manufacturer for mobile vending businesses across the country, Allacart ensures that this vehicle will be built to last for many years to come. The graphic design features a strawberry and vines with children climbing to the top. This symbolizes how nourishment will assist the local children in reaching new heights.

veggiesCoordinator for the free-meal program, Kay Snyder, has shared that the truck will be visiting 2 different sites per day. These meals are available to children between the ages of 1 through 18. The beautiful part about this summer offering is that there will not be a requirement for the recipient to prove financial need, income or proof of ID.

Food options and meals will include wraps, serving of vegetables, fruit and milk. Local products and produce will be used on the truck whenever possible.

The assistant director of the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department, Terri Leist, has said that this meal truck is intended to supplement the 275 meal sites offered throughout the County of Franklin. This includes, but not limited to: summer schools, centers of recreation and many local nonprofit organizations.

A milestone was hit on June 15th, when the staff members assembled over 25,000 meals. This unbelievable program has a price reaching upwards of 1.8 million; however funding is reimbursed by the Unites States Department of Agriculture. The food truck is helping to reach those who may have not otherwise known about the food program.


For more information please email or call 614-645-3642

To inquire about food trucks for sale from AllaCart manufacturing,  CLICK HERE





Mobile Vending with Electric and Hybrid Vehicles- more than food carts and trucks


Electric and Hybrid Vehicles are not just for  Food Carts and Trucks -here’s why..

When you think of a public library, more than likely you are not associating it with technological advances. Well, Grandview Heights / Columbus Ohio Public Library are proud to introduce an all new ‘Pop up Library’. Not giving up on encouraging education and the power of knowledge through reading, the library is hitting the pavement to share the good word.  But not only are they pulling out onto the open road, they are also considering the environment.


Similar to the old school bookmobile, this vehicle delivers the same results, only on a smamore than just food carts and trucksller scale. And why is that? It’s electric! This affordable and environmentally friendly vehicle is intended to reach residents who may not have access to the traditional building. Keep your eyes peeled, as this tiny but powerful vehicle will be rolling into town for Special Events, Fairs, Festivals, Founder’s Days and more…


food carts and trucks

Electric and Hybrid Vending Solutions

We have been custom designing and manufacturing cutting edge modular merchandising systems as well as mobile vending vehicles. Our specialty modular merchandising division will offer extensive consulting services to all of our customers. We specify and coordinate a complete turnkey program designed specifically for you and/or your brand.

Offering 100% battery powered vehicles to hybrid options; AllaCart Manufacturing is more than food carts and trucks. As technology advances, so does the services offered by our extensive manufacturing plant. For more information, or to discuss your specific needs with one of our team members, please click here. No request is too challenging, as we look forward to hearing from you!



Vending Trucks- AllaCart Manufacturing

vending truck the food channel

The Business of Vending Trucks – AllaCart

Billboards are meant to advertise and vending trucks have emerged on the scene offering many businesses a fresh innovative way at driving sales- moving billboards.

From restaurants to dessert shops, vending trucks have been hitting the road to brand the business to a larger targeted area. With the ability to interact with customers on a more personal level, deliver and offer samples and share tips and resources, mobile vending has an edge that standard advertising just cannot deliver. The combination of modern convenience, fast service and personal attention is what makes this type of food, beverage and merchandise vending so successful.

With the ability to custom build your truck and add graphics, your own logo and lettering- your business can self promote, even when it is not operational. There is no limit to the ability to customize these mobile vending vehicles, as we offer many options to choose from:

  • Electrical Systems
  • Generator Placement
  • Sinks and Water Supplies
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Cold and Warm Storage
  • Pantry and Dry Compartments
  • Cooking Stations
  • Grilling and Heating Elements
  • Beverage Equipment and Supply Lines
  • Towing Attachments
  • Canopy Top
  • Roof Extension and Enclosures
  • Graphic Design and Vehicle Wraps
  • Dispensing Equipment


Many businesses are “pigeon holed” and limited to very specific markets. Vending trucks blast through the walls that limit most other traditional vending and food businesses. Adding a vehicle wrap to the vehicle will enhance marketing and brand your service or product in ways that no other advertising opportunity could bring. With our state of the art graphic application, there is no doubt that you will expand your customer engagement.


You are not given a checklist of standard boxes to select from- we custom create what you NEED. We guarantee that everything that we install does not violate health codes or create health violations. Our knowledgeable team combined with years of experience assures our customers nothing but the best experience, with ease. We are here to assist you in every step of this process, whether you are a beginner or an experienced vendor.

All a Cart   Mobile Vending

 A little more about us:

AllaCart Manufacturing provides of all types of vending and sales preparation/serving vehicles such as:

  • Driller Cabins
  • Portable Buildings
  • Vending Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Trikes
  •  Kiosks
  •  Carts


>Our food carts have interchangeable food preparation modules.

>Our trailers are exclusively constructed of a one-piece wall construction.

>Our truck and trailers include systems that are one of a kind.

>Our portable sink systems are recommended by Health Departments nationwide.

>Our products and services are referred to as the “Standard” world wide.

>We also offer a complete line of electric hybrid vehicles.


Click here to request a free quote or to discuss your next vending truck build


Food Trucks for Sale – should you buy new or Used?

food trucks for sale

Purchasing a used food truck is often the most affordable way for many new business owners to break out into the industry. However, if you are thinking of purchasing the cheapest food truck for sale available, then you may want to think things over. Think of the old saying “you get what you pay for”. If you are looking to invest in your business, then you need to invest in your business.

The truth of the matter is- many people think that the food truck industry is an easy and affordable way to start up a business, but only part of that is true. Yes, it is far less expensive than opening a restaurant or leasing a space, however there are other expenses associated with starting a mobile vending business.

For those new to the industry, we have taken the time to point out a few things that you need to consider before purchasing the cheapest version of food truck for sale.

List of Expenses

  • Purchase of Food Truck
  • Wrap and Graphics
  • Permits and Local Licenses
  • Website and Marketing
  • Register and POS Equipment
  • Uniforms, Screenprinting
  • Paper Products (cups, napkins, utensils)
  • Cookware (pots, pans, racks)
  • Fire Extinguisher and First Aid
  • Commissary
  • Phone/Internet/WiFi Access
  • Labor Costs
  • Food | Beverage | Merchandise (stock)
  • Fuel
  • Parking Permits
  • Repairs and Improvements


Considering the list of things that you would now be responsible for, does it still make sense to buy cheap? Sometimes purchasing something and making your own improvements and is the best way to go, but consider some of the options and accessories that you may need. When you sit down and price out the costs to add accessories to an existing truck versus starting with a newer version, you will have your answer. Taking a leap of faith into this type of business requires thought, organization and preparation, however it can be the most rewarding job of your life.

Here at AllaCart manufacturing, we specialize in custom fabrication and improvements necessary to run an efficient mobile vending business.  We are not a fly by night business, this is our job- our life- our commitment to the industry since 1972. Regardless of what you have or still need, we have the ability to enhance the features of your truck to make it work for you.

As a one stop shop, our options and custom features include (but not limited to):

-Electrical Wiring

-Generator Systems

-Refrigeration and Freezers

-Cold Storage Compartments

-Cooking Accessories (Grills, Stoves & Heating Devices)

-Towing Accessories (Trailers) and Mobile Capabilities

-Dispensers and Point of Sale Equipment

-Roof Options, Overhangs and Enclosures

-Complete Exterior and Graphics


Regardless of your level of experience, we are here to help you with anything we can. Do not be fooled by the standard food trucks for sale advertisement, as we know it takes much more than that to successfully establish a thriving business.  We are here to help you from beginning to end and can fabricate as little or as much as your budget will allow. Please contact us for a free quote and we will be happy to respond to you as soon as possible.

Click HERE to contact us today.


How Americans are redefining fast food

When we fail to prepare a meal, the days of hitting the drive-through are diminishing as many are walking up to a Food –Beverage Truck window. Mobile vending is taking over the modern day convenience store, one day at a time. However, what is interesting is not the fact that many of us long for a delicious morsel or drink from one of these vendors, but what Americans are buying from them.

Here are some of the most popular food-beverage truck items we are seeing trending all across the US (in no particular order).

food beverage truck

Food Trucks:
• -Short Rib Taco
• -Sirloin topped with egg
• -Deli sandwiches
• -Fried combinations on rolls
• -Soy BLT
• -Lobster rolls
• -Gourmet hotdogs
• -Specialty grilled cheese
• -Gumbo
• -Egg rolls




Beverage Vendors:
• -Specialty coffees
• -Smoothies
• -Healthy vegetable blends
• -Designer Frappe’s
• -Vitamin infused drinks
• -Energy beverages



As you can clearly see, the days of ordering a burger with a large fry is quickly becoming a distant memory. As technology advances and many Americans take inventory of their health- these two things collide and meet at the food-beverage truck. In addition, ethnic blends are moving outside of the major cities and greeting suburbia. These hybrid meals offer a sampling of tastes from all over the country with minimal cost and commitment.

If you have not taken the time to sample a specialty food or beverage from a mobile vendor, you must make it your goal to do so. However, if you have the mind of an entrepreneur and have the dedication and drive that it takes to start your own business with food carts or trucks, we want to hear from you!

AllaCart manufacturing is an American company that has been in the business since the early 70’s. We strive to earn your business by delivering you only the highest quality mobile vending solutions while maintaining cost effectiveness for the customer. As a specialty company, we manufacture some of the best designs in:


  • Vending Carts
  •  Trikes (for beverage-food-merchandise)
  • Mobile Trucks
  • Custom Kiosks for Sale
  • Portable Drilling Houses
  • Custom Vending Kiosks
  • Driller Cabins
  • Food Beverage Trailers
  • Food Beverage Cart
  • Beverage Carts
  • Food Trucks for Sale

Can you see your name or product on this truck? Click HERE  to get a free quote!



Working for YOURSELF: Food- Beverage-Merchandise Mobile Vending




The Future Trend Across America: Quick Service Vending of Food- Beverage-Merchandise

Mobile vending is taking the world by storm. In the busy world that we live in today, there is no mistaking the fact that quick service and modern convenience is replacing tradition.


Take for example- our holidays. Years ago it would be unheard of to think of a family “buying take out” for the Thanksgiving meal. However in the present time, many restaurants are filled and several homes are reheating prepared foods and placing them on decorative platters. Why is this? Frankly, we have scheduled so many things in our daily lives that there just is not the time to spend cooking, preparing and serving. This quick solution has spilled over into many other facets of life.

What does the future hold?

As we see grocery stores deliver, restaurants with curb side pickups and pharmacies selling food, it is hard to not notice the change taking place all around us. The question is- are you ready to maximize financially from this trend? Depending on the area, the following vending solutions could change your life drastically.

Custom Food Carts, Trucks, Kiosks ..oh my.

Imagine vending food-beverage-merchandise or ice cream to places like businesses, heavy trafficked roads or highways, disaster relief areas, fire departments, vacation destinations or hometown hot spots. There are so many options that it is yours for the taking. Our company has been specializing in the custom design of every type of mobile vending solution made available through cutting edge technology. Whether you are looking to refurbish an existing food cart or truck or establish a portable building (such as a kiosk) we are the true professionals in this field.

There is not a question about the need for this type of service, as that has been fully established all across America. The questions that you need to ask are:

  • What are you going to sell?
  • Where are you selling it?
  • What type of portable building or vehicle do you need?
  • What is your budget?

food berverage merchandise vending solutions trucks 3trucks 5Once you have established what it is that you are looking to do, the next step is to contact us for a FREE QUOTE. Allacart manufacturing can design and fabricate:

  • Vending Carts
  • Mobile Kiosks
  • Custom Vending Trikes
  • Food Trucks
  • Driller Cabins and Portable Housing
  • Sales and Service Carts
  • Modular Buildings…and more.


We have been awarded as one of the fastest growing industries and recognized throughout the country. Our service and overall mission is to help you grow and prosper in the mobile vending industry. Contact us today to get started on planning your dream for tomorrow.



Businesses Advancing with Mobile Vending: Food-Beverage-Merchandise

food beverage merchandise vending

Increasing Sales with Mobile Vending

Over the years our business has seen tremendous growth in the mobile industry. With a unique business model in food- beverage-merchandise vending and portable buildings, AllaCart Manufacturing is considered to be a reputable and knowledgeable leader in the industry. We have experienced and embraced all of the technological advances from vending push carts in the 70’s, to designing and manufacturing state of the art portable trucks, carts and buildings today.

Through technology and the broad use of mobile and internet applications, the world has gained knowledge but lost time. With over-scheduled lives and the need to get things done quickly, our mobile vending industry has risen to the occasion, serving the public with “on the spot” products and meals.  Because of this, you may have noticed that one of the fastest growing industries in the world consists of mobile vending and portable relocation.

Time is one of the very few things that we are not afforded the opportunity to buy back. Therefore, even when time is inconsequential (such as vacations) it has been discovered that quick service meals and novelty vending carts have taken precedence over many traditional stores and restaurants. As an example, places like Walt Disney World have replaced many of their themed stores and sit down dining venues with multiple custom vending kiosks and carts placed throughout the park. This has been done solely to allow for quick service, as dictated by the increased demand of the public. Many resorts have adapted very successful dining plans based on this need for fast service.

AllaCart is the largest manufacturer of mobile vending solutions and portable buildings. We design and fabricate vending carts, kiosks, trailers, food trucks, modular buildings and drilling houses and various other systems that produce and/or sell food, beverage and merchandise. Located in the USA, all of our custom fabrication is done within an extensive state of the art 225,000 square foot facility located on 55+ acres in Columbus, Ohio. We do not outsource our products and stand behind our work by maintain a high standard of practice.



Our facility offers a broad range of services including:

  • Custom Design
  • Sinks
  • Refrigeration and Freezers
  • Dry Storage
  • Electrical and Generator Systems
  • Food and Beverage Equipment
  • Cooking, Grilling and Heating Sources
  • Vending and Dispensing Equipment
  • Exterior Finishes
  • Driller Cabin Interior and Exterior
  • Canopy Tops, Specialty Roof and Enclosure Options
  • Vehicle Graphics


We are your one stop solution for all sorts of mobile marketing and business related services. Please take a moment and share with us what you are looking for and we will be happy to get back to you with a free quote. Click here to complete our general form and one of our experienced team members will get back to you.


Tips on Starting a Food Truck Business: Vending Pizza

food trucks selling pizza

Pizza Food Trucks- Tips and Advice


-93% of people reported that they have eaten pizza within the last 30 days
-The average pizzeria uses 55 pizza boxes in a single day
-100 acres of pizza is consumed in a single day
-In the United States, an average of 350 slices are eaten a second
-The average consumption by Americans is 46 slices per person/per year
-Pizza ranks #1 for toddlers through age 11 as top food choice

There are many different available vending businesses to choose from for those interested in this industry. For some this is a lifelong dream to start out on their own and for others, this could be the retirement phase of life .The bottom line is that you are drawn to this type of service and want to learn more.

This article discusses those interested in one of the largest take-out businesses in the United States: pizza. It is estimated that approximately 10% of the total food sales in the US are pizza sales and although restaurants are in every town, very few have convenient mobile vending trucks or carts.

food carts and trucks

Should You Start a Pizza Truck Business?

Step One: Self Evaluation
Look at your current financial situation and determine whether or not you can afford to start a new business. It takes approximately one year to establish and root a new company. Evaluating your financial records will help you to establish a budget to get started.

Step Two: Shop for Food Carts and Trucks
Identify the pizza truck that you would feel financially and physically comfortable in. Designing one from scratch or modifying an existing truck may be more affordable than you thought. If locating a food truck for sale is outside of your budget, consider a custom vending cart.

Step Three: Identify Township and State Regulations
Establish what town you plan on selling your pizza out of. Contact local and state authorities to find out what kind of restrictions, regulations and paperwork is associated with it. In some cases paperwork can take time to file and get approved, so this is a step that should not be skipped.


Carts ALC H

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of equipment do I need?
Discuss your plan with a qualified and reputable mobile vending manufacturer to establish a list of what you may need. Many of these trucks come with standard heating elements, counter sales, display features and hot and cold storage, but you want to be sure you have everything that you need before getting started. Do not skimp on features such as pantry space, electrical sources, and generator back up, as these are a large part of the business. Depending on the climate, discuss the environmental needs in your sales territory. For example if you live in a predominantly hot state, you may require additional shade and ventilation for your customers and employees.

Where can you buy a food truck equipped to sell pizza?
Selecting a mobile vending vehicle that is the right fit for you is essential. Referring back to the first step mentioned above, your established budget is large factor in determining what you can afford to buy. To discuss your need and wants with a qualified manufacturer, click on this link. You have the ability to specify exactly what it is you need and in return get a quote for what it will cost- with a simple push of the button.

Who can do graphics on the pizza truck?
In many cases, you can get the entire food truck equipped with graphic designs from a company that specializes in this type of industry. It is generally more affordable to get everything that you need all in the same place at the same time. Take time to break down the costs individually and then together in order to assess the most affordable option. Keep in mind that your business name and information on the trucks is considered free future advertising. Bold graphics and vinyl wraps are literally giant billboards seen by thousands a day.

What is a food commissary and do I need it to sell pizza?
A food commissary is licensed food establishment that provides services to a MFDV (mobile food dispensing vehicle). This commissary provides services such as the appropriate disposable of waste, storage of food and supplies, obtaining potable water sources and cooking preparations necessary for sale. The intent of this commissary is to provide support to operators in order to deliver food in a safe and sanitary manner.

How do I get a food commissary?
For more information on this topic, click on this contact 1-800-695-2278 and ask about details related to food commissary.


Making Money with a Custom Vending Kiosk

Becoming Your Own Boss with a Custom Vending Kiosk in the U.S.

Custom Vending Kiosk

Between the demands of our personal and business lives, many people in the United States are short on time and looking to cut corners in any way possible. Because obligations generally can not be overlooked, modern shopping conveniences such as food sales at local pharmacies have been on the rise. In more recent years, the influx of sales via Custom Vending Kiosks have gone up drastically.

The truth is, we are all in need of modern conveniences and in some cases we will overpay for the luxury of time. Vending machines used to be the “go to” source for those in a hurry, however many Americans no longer carry cash and rely solely on debit cards for transactions. This fall of vending machines gave way to the increase in food kiosks for sale and generated a new age modern convenience in many cities across the US.

A custom vending kiosk has the ability to merchandise a much broader range of products and services including, but limited to:

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Reading Materials
  • Health and Beauty
  • Literature and Map stations
  • First Aid and OTC Medications
  • Novelty Gifts


Because the economy has gone through significant changes since 2009, many patrons prefer to purchase one or two items at a modern convenience station versus waiting to do a large shopping order. The increase of sales through this type of vendor has increased by double compared to years in the past. This is a trending business model that seems to be gaining momentum in all types of cities and areas.

It is a terrific time to invest in the income generating convenience vending business  for financial reasons, but what about personal ones? For many Americans, the dream of  owning their own company and becoming their own boss is just a daydream, until now. The investment required to start up a custom vending kiosk versus a standard store is considerably less and comes with much less risk. To browse through a gallery of kiosks to get your new business started, click here.

Whether building from scratch or updating an custom vending kiosk, Allacart has the knowledge experience and reputation to design to your specification.

Options include:

  • Full installation of electrical system
  • Installation of generator and alternate power sources
  • Design and implementation of water supply systems
  • Cold compartments, refrigerator and freezer installation
  • Towing hook-up or mobility adaptation
  • Dispensing equipment
  • Displays and weather protected menu areas
  • Roof options including canopy tops or full enclosures
  • Graphic design and branding options


If you have been considering starting a new business with a custom vending kiosk, give us a call or reach out to get a free quote. With over 40 years of experience, there are no questions we have not heard.


Ergonomiocally Designed Driller Cabins

driller cabins

Driller Cabins & Portable Buildings

Purchasing a driller cabin is the best way to provide an increased level of safety and security while increasing work productivity. This highly efficient building can be easily relocated and allows for an optimal work environment.

Driller cabins and portable houses can be custom built to suit the needs of the specific environment or job.  The ergonomically designed construction of these operator stations are configured to allow for maximum space and visibility. Stress is reduced by muffling outside noise, elimination the high risk of injury and establishing a streamlined control area that is user friendly and comfortable.

Climate controls allow these driller cabins to be placed in any region. Additional features can be added to increase modern convenience and comfort:

  • Electrical hook-up & Generators
  • Water Supply & Sinks
  • Cooking & Grilling
  • Towing & Mobility Features
  • Exterior Finishes

The blend of custom design and integrated cutting edge technology allows the driller cabin to be whatever you need it to be. Every job and environment is specific and therefore the requested features are always taken into consideration with each and every build. Quality construction permits better overall communication with noise reduction because it allows for the operators to speak without the stress of outside noise and racket. The portable buildings greatly increase the safety and security of operators while reducing risk of injury.

Each highly efficient and functional operating station is manufactured based on requested specifications. User friendly layout are not just good looking but add to the overall work productivity.

driller cabins

Some additional features of  custom driller cabins:

>Lockable doors, keyed- for transport and safety

>Safety glass with optional protection bars for added safety measures

>Gas detection system installation

>Fully installed operator work station


Click here to inquire about custom portable houses and driller cabins made in the USA.






Food Trucks for Sale – Tips on Selecting the Best One

 Food Trucks for Sale

Food Trucks for Sale- 5 Tips to Get You Started

You have made the decision to go into the mobile vending business and you have been browsing food trucks for sale…now what?

Congratulations on your first step toward becoming your own boss and exploring the world street vending! We are one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of  vending mobiles for sale and know that the process to “get started” can be a tad overwhelming. Here we list some food for thought and offer helpful tips to point you in the right direction.

5 Tips before buying a food truck for sale:

  1. Establish your niche/specialty

Try not to focus on current food trends or fads, as they typically do not stand the test of time. Instead, offer a medley of choices that all surround your particular specialty food.

  1. Choose your menu

It’s very tempting to place yourself in the same category as the food trucks for sale, but we discourage you from this. Even if you are purchasing an existing truck, you must establish and develop new recipes and build a solid menu.

  1. Compose a list of ingredients

Once the menu has been completed, now compose a make shift list of the ingredients that would be needed to prepare those items. Do you have too many? Will they spoil if they are not used in a timely fashion? Take this time to polish your menu selection and add or delete as necessary.

  1. Establish a cost estimate

Contact a wholesaler that is in the business of distributing the food products that you need and get price quotes. Create an expense sheet and evaluate your menu once again to see if there is any way to cut costs without cutting taste and appeal. Do not choose the cheapest grade foods to save money; simply remove an ingredient or two during the start up phase (only if necessary).

  1. Shop for the best Food Truck for Sale

Based on your chosen menu, you may now get to select the best food truck for sale that would suit your needs. As you may have already learned, each vending vehicle has a unique layout filled with personalized accessories.

We always recommend that you begin with a custom build because you would have control of the layout and personal branding. However, if the budget does not allow, you may be looking for already established food trucks for sale. In this instance, be sure to make a list of the features that each has and what you would need to add. Adaptation and upgrading an existing truck may cost more than a custom build, so be sure to do a price comparison before making your final decision.

Some of the custom fabrication that can be performed on food trucks for sale are:

  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Generator System
  • Water Supply  feeds
  • Sinks
  • Refrigerators, Freezers and Cold Storage
  • Cooking Stations such as Grilling and Warmers
  • Vending Dispensing Supplies and Equipment
  • Canopy Top and Roof Configuration
  • Exterior Branding and Graphic Design

Click here and let us know how we can help you modify or create the truck of your dreams.






Tips to Start Your Own Street Vending Business

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Street and strip mall vending carts have been around for longer than most people may even realize. Throughout major cities such as Philly, NYC and Chicago, they are not only known but they are depended on for things such as lunch, the morning paper and novelty trinkets.

If this type of service is of interest to you, there are a few things you may need to know before you dive in. This lucrative and independent line of work can be a very rewarding career change, provided it is done with right.

Here are few things that you should consider before starting your own cart or food truck business:

Tip #1: Take a look at the need and location of a potential street marketing operation. You want to really make sure that you have ample access to foot traffic and easy accessibility for them. Major cities and industrial areas tend to lend the best return on investment, so start looking there.

Tip #2: Inquire locally and within your state to see what rules and regulations apply to street vending. Local ordinances change from town to town, so be certain to check with your township about things such as merchant and peddling licenses, advertising and location of cart.

Tip #3: Determine what you would like to sell. Rules and regulations are different based on the type of merchandise you are looking to dispense. Try to pigeon hole your business and not offer too much of a variety. Create a “niche” for yourself and then investigate whether or not you can open your own station with it.

Tip #4: Apply for and follow up with all necessary permits required to start your business. In some cases, this is not a terribly difficult thing to do, but it could be time consuming. If you wait until the last minute, you may not be fully operational until you receive the appropriate paperwork.

Tip #5:  Contact wholesale merchants and distributors to get price sheets and establish an account. When you are ready to start your business, this will be one less thing that you will have to worry about. If you are close to operational, then order a larger shipment for your first order. This will aid in determining how often you will need to re-order without the fear of running out of anything.

Tip #6: Gather and price promotional gear and order “grand opening” flyers for local business distribution. Offer free samples if you are able. Promoting your business may cost money in the beginning, but with enough elbow grease and the right work ethic, it will come back to you three-fold.

Creating a custom food and beverage cart can be overwhelming for those who attempt to do it themselves. Presentation and ease of operation are only a few of the things that need to be considered when building a work station. Visit our gallery to view our extensive line of merchandise and beverage carts, trikes and food trucks.


Food Truck Hot Spots

Food Trucks and Carts have been popping up all over the country, but which are ranking among the best?

From quick and common meals such as grilled cheeses and chicken wings to tacos and even fresh lobster bites, mobile vending stations are turning out some of the most inventive fusion foods on the planet.

Although from the outside these mobile food stations appear to be less complicated than a traditional restaurant, working a successful one is no simple task. While the cost to do business as compared to that of a conventional brick-and-mortar business is considerably lower, operators must obey local ordinances, work with mother nature and in many cases compete with traditional fast food establishments. Standing “out” is essential and that’s what the majority of these top rated vending food trucks have managed to do.

Some of the more popular hot spots have been listed below, as per the combination of tweets, fans, online opinions/ ratings as well as the number of visitors per year. Because food carts are also a large part of the industry, this list contains only the best of those with 4 wheels; not including trikes or towable carts.


Red Hook Lobster Pound – NYC

Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck

This has a plethora of seafood indulgences to offer and has left many satisfied customers hungry for more. You can find many types of shrimp salads and rolls, a lobster BLT, bisque and even delicious corn chowder.


The Grilled Cheese Truck- LA


The chefs profess that all of their food is “made with love”. They offer no fewer than 6-8 melts with combinations not seen in any traditional setting. Combining the amazing sandwiches with 21 sweet and savory additions, these meals can satisfy every possible taste bud and craving.


Wafels and Dinges- NYC


This dessert truck was established by Thomas DeGeeset after quitting his job at IBM back in 2007. Despite the economical changes many working Americans have suffered through, Wafels and Dinges has continued to grow, rising up through the ashes. Offering tasty combos of dough and your choice of sides, it is a celebration of goodness in your mouth. His unique and every changing sauces and toppings keep patrons coming back for more.


Korilla BBQ – NYC


This is a very interesting medley of Korean and Mexican cuisine wrapped up in one. They present foods in 3 forms: tacos, burrito or bowl. These oddly named creations cannot be described in words, but the customers leave happy and wanting more.


Sam’s Chowder Mobile (San Francisco)


This soup kitchen on wheels has gained much attention after being showcased on the show “Eat Street”. The menu features fried delicacies from the sea such as calamari, old bay fries with fish and chips and a fan favorite lobster roll.


These are merely a few examples of some of the highest rated customer reviews and overall  media hype. Towns across America cherish and patron their own best kept secret in mobile food and beverage establishments. If you have a hidden talent or infamous recipe that you feel could “make it big” on the road, check out some of  All A Cart’s custom portable kiosks and food/beverage vending buildings.