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We Build Street Vendor Carts, Hot Dog Stands and More- All a Cart Mfg

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Manufacturer of Street Vendor Carts, Hot Dog Stands and Portable Concessions of Every Type

Street vendor carts come in many forms, shapes and specifications, depending on the needs of our customer. Examples of the primary choices would include these 4 basic categories:


Because each sales transaction type is uniquely different, we understand the importance of putting a fingerprint on your business. We take branding to a higher level by custom designing a specific plan of action when creating your layout. Our experienced staff is on hand to walk you through the process, whether you are a start up business or flourishing company. As technology and the world has evolved, so has the technological advances in street vending- and we are here to show you how you can get more sales.

You see, our business is not limited to just custom fabrication of various types of street vendor carts. We do not have cookie cutter examples of our work, because just like people, each one of our projects is unique.  Certainly we build every possible type of portable concession vehicle imaginable, but here at All a Cart, we dive a little deeper.  We personally handle every detail with you and your business, including:


  • Assistance with meeting the demands of Health Department Codes
  • How to maximize your income with layout options
  • Custom design and installation of components
  • Graphics and advertising, including vinyl wraps
  • Mounted sales boards, menus and special promotions
  • Roofs, umbrellas and patron covered areas
  • International shipment of street vendor carts, kiosks and food trucks
  • Specialty items custom built to serve your business model
  • FREE price quotes and consultation on a new build
  • Refurbishments, repairs or upgrades for portable sales units


We love to hear about you and your business type and welcome any unusual requests or challenges. Keep in mind that we do not just make these “for the street”, many of our units can be found in shopping malls, amusement parks, carnivals and more.

Here are a few examples of the types of products sold from our custom vending food carts, kiosks, food trucks, trailers, trikes, hotdog stands and portable concession buildings:

  • Bottled Water and Beverage Standsvideopage1-733x1024
  • Snowcones, Gelato and Mobile Ice Cream Sales
  • Hot Dog Stands, Roasted Peanuts and Pretzels
  • Coffee and Hot Beverage Stations
  • Corn Dogs, Corn on the Cob and Turkey Legs
  • Ticket Sales- Theatre, Concerts and Local Events
  • Newspapers, Magazines and Pamphlets
  • Video Games, DVDs and Movie Rentals
  • Doughnuts, Pastries and Cookieshot dog stand
  • Candy Apples and Chocolates
  • Cupcakes and Specialty Cakes
  • Energy Drinks and Shakes
  • Health Food and Protein Shakes
  • Information Desk and Help Centers
  • Charger and Work Stations
  • Toys, Novelty Gifts and Maps
  • Mobile Library and Bookmobilekolladg
  • Glowsticks and Seasonal Items
  • Posters and Stickers
  • Kids Toys and Balloons
  • Remote Control Devices – helicopters and cars
  • Music Distribution Center
  • Welcome Station and Registration Stand


As you can see, the vending options in which we have the ability to accommodate are vast. All a Cart Manufacturing sincerely looks forward to stepping up to serve your needs. We are an international vending carts distributor and welcome any inquiries for shipping out of the country, if needed.