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Not Your Average Food Truck – Electric GEM Vending Vehicles on the Rise

Electric GEM vending truck

GEM Cars and hybrid vehicle sales are on the rise- AllaCart Mfg

In recent years the interest in hybrid vehicles and GEM cars has increased, right around the time that gas prices were on the rise. As a manufacturer who focuses on mobile vending solutions of every type, AllaCart began to work on these electric and hybrid motorcars for customers who showed an interest. However within the last year, we have seen their popularity double, almost triple- and it’s an exciting change!


Since the early 1970’s, AllaCart has been manufacturing and designing all types of mobile vending devices and vehicles, such as:

  • Vending Trikes
  • Street Carts and Hotdog Stands
  • Food Trucks
  • Food and Merchandise Kiosks
  • Beverage Stations
  • Trailers


Quick facts about GEM Vehicles

  • G.E.M stands for Global Electric Motorcars
  • Currently leads the marketplace for LSV sales (low speed vehicles)
  • More than 50,000 sold around the world
  • Total miles driven on a GEM= 450 million
  • The amount of gallons of gas saved= 20 million


What sets them apart from other vending trucks?

The environmentally favorable method by which this mighty machine is propelled is what attracts many buyers to this type of mobile unit. This zero emission motorcar meets and exceeds federal guidelines allowing it to be permissible on the street. Many customers will ask if we sell “street legal” GEM cars, and our answer is YES!  We build, modify and custom fabricate food carts and trucks- but our newest line of hybrid and GEM cars perform exceptionally for:

  • Hotels, Resorts or Beach-Side Vending
  • Security Officers and Checkpoints
  • Property Management
  • Neighborhood and/or Local Commuting
  • Athletic Complexes
  • Street Vending of Food, Beverage and Merchandise

How long does this electric vehicle stay charged?

It takes approximately 6-8 full hours to completely charge up. Once driven, you will get approximately 35-40 miles.  If it is on need of some more power, it can be plugged in anywhere, at any time and will charge with ease.  These make for fantastic street vending vehicles because often a vendor will take a short trip and stay stationary for the course of the day, at which time it can be re-charged back up. We also offer a hybrid vehicle if you are in need of more mileage than this currently offers.

As a top rated specialized manufacturer with over 40 years of  experience, we have seen trends come and go- but we believe that this one is here to stay. As the vending industry (as a whole) has evolved in many ways, especially over the last 15 years- it is possible that this type of mobile unit may phase out the older models over the course of time. . Fortunately, as a forward thinking company- we have evolved with the technological advances and are able to deliver you modifications, upgrades and accessories specific to your needs. To learn a little more about us, click here.




More recently, we were proud to manufacture a special vehicle intended to be used as a form of public service. A local library has taken their reading materials and hit the streets- in an electric vehicle we built for them. This new and improved approach to distributing  valuable resources  has brought a community together in a whole new way.





Some of our food, beverage and merchandise vending vehicles:

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