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AllaCart Extends Manufacturing of Food Carts and Trucks- Introducing the ALL NEW Bookmobile

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AllaCart Fabricates All New Energy Efficient Book Mobile

Adding to the already extensive line of vending carts and trucks, AllaCart Manufacturing is excited to present the all new electric book mobile. The Grandview Heights Public Library has recently unveiled their very own compact vehicle, manufactured by Allacart, and the residents LOVE it!

The library system has efficiently and effectively  found an inventive approach to circulation of their reading material. Their slogan “slow down and read” is saturating the town while  generating excitement. This electric vehicle has been specially designed by AllaCart to transport library books and resources to the neighboring areas -as well as additional services from staff members. Visitors will have the ability to browse current reading materials, obtain a new library card and learn about current events and special resources being offered through the library.

This mobile library will maintain a regular schedule circulating throughout Grandview Heights and Marble Cliff- visiting places such as summer programs, schools, pool clubs and other local events. The interesting twist on this new delivery system is that materials will be replaced and changed according to the theme of the venue or targeted audience. This is a fantastic way to get the community together while also  sharing public resources with them.

Since this low speed, energy efficient electric vehicle has rolled out, the response has been tremendous. Funding for this new mobile project has come from the Grandview Heights Public Library Foundation- which is a privately funded organization. Many residents have already started to plan a visit to this cool   “POP-UP Library” as the buzz is quickly spreading through town.

Allacart Manufacturing is located in Columbus Ohio and has been responsible for other tremendous builds and mobile vending resources.  To learn more or to inquire about a vehicle like this,  click here to be redirected. The company is always learning and growing as they continuously strive to earn the respect and loyalty of  their customers. This company has been awarded many honors including  A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau as well as  multiple Inner City 100 Awards for delivering very best mobile and modular vending systems in the world.

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BREAKING NEWS: Columbus rolls out food truck offering FREE FOOD to kids


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Food trucks for sale now expanding beyond local businesses


Columbus Food Truck Hits the Road- Free Food Program for Kids in Summer

Franklin County has jumped on-board with an amazing new opportunity to expand their program offering Free Food to children- with a food truck. This mobile unit plans to hit the streets every week day to deliver children a well balanced meal. It is understood that safety is an issue for many working parents, especially during the summer months. Many parents and guardians ask that their children stay close to home, which is why many are welcoming this new and improved  delivery system. This food truck will allow the county to reach more children in need.

AllaCart Manufacturing proudly designed and fabricated this custom food truck on behalf of the department. This portable distribution vehicle features everything  needed to safely and effectively deliver nourishment to local areas. As a reputable manufacturer for mobile vending businesses across the country, Allacart ensures that this vehicle will be built to last for many years to come. The graphic design features a strawberry and vines with children climbing to the top. This symbolizes how nourishment will assist the local children in reaching new heights.

veggiesCoordinator for the free-meal program, Kay Snyder, has shared that the truck will be visiting 2 different sites per day. These meals are available to children between the ages of 1 through 18. The beautiful part about this summer offering is that there will not be a requirement for the recipient to prove financial need, income or proof of ID.

Food options and meals will include wraps, serving of vegetables, fruit and milk. Local products and produce will be used on the truck whenever possible.

The assistant director of the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department, Terri Leist, has said that this meal truck is intended to supplement the 275 meal sites offered throughout the County of Franklin. This includes, but not limited to: summer schools, centers of recreation and many local nonprofit organizations.

A milestone was hit on June 15th, when the staff members assembled over 25,000 meals. This unbelievable program has a price reaching upwards of 1.8 million; however funding is reimbursed by the Unites States Department of Agriculture. The food truck is helping to reach those who may have not otherwise known about the food program.


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