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Ergonomiocally Designed Driller Cabins

driller cabins

Driller Cabins & Portable Buildings

Purchasing a driller cabin is the best way to provide an increased level of safety and security while increasing work productivity. This highly efficient building can be easily relocated and allows for an optimal work environment.

Driller cabins and portable houses can be custom built to suit the needs of the specific environment or job.  The ergonomically designed construction of these operator stations are configured to allow for maximum space and visibility. Stress is reduced by muffling outside noise, elimination the high risk of injury and establishing a streamlined control area that is user friendly and comfortable.

Climate controls allow these driller cabins to be placed in any region. Additional features can be added to increase modern convenience and comfort:

  • Electrical hook-up & Generators
  • Water Supply & Sinks
  • Cooking & Grilling
  • Towing & Mobility Features
  • Exterior Finishes

The blend of custom design and integrated cutting edge technology allows the driller cabin to be whatever you need it to be. Every job and environment is specific and therefore the requested features are always taken into consideration with each and every build. Quality construction permits better overall communication with noise reduction because it allows for the operators to speak without the stress of outside noise and racket. The portable buildings greatly increase the safety and security of operators while reducing risk of injury.

Each highly efficient and functional operating station is manufactured based on requested specifications. User friendly layout are not just good looking but add to the overall work productivity.

driller cabins

Some additional features of  custom driller cabins:

>Lockable doors, keyed- for transport and safety

>Safety glass with optional protection bars for added safety measures

>Gas detection system installation

>Fully installed operator work station


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Food Trucks for Sale – Tips on Selecting the Best One

 Food Trucks for Sale

Food Trucks for Sale- 5 Tips to Get You Started

You have made the decision to go into the mobile vending business and you have been browsing food trucks for sale…now what?

Congratulations on your first step toward becoming your own boss and exploring the world street vending! We are one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of  vending mobiles for sale and know that the process to “get started” can be a tad overwhelming. Here we list some food for thought and offer helpful tips to point you in the right direction.

5 Tips before buying a food truck for sale:

  1. Establish your niche/specialty

Try not to focus on current food trends or fads, as they typically do not stand the test of time. Instead, offer a medley of choices that all surround your particular specialty food.

  1. Choose your menu

It’s very tempting to place yourself in the same category as the food trucks for sale, but we discourage you from this. Even if you are purchasing an existing truck, you must establish and develop new recipes and build a solid menu.

  1. Compose a list of ingredients

Once the menu has been completed, now compose a make shift list of the ingredients that would be needed to prepare those items. Do you have too many? Will they spoil if they are not used in a timely fashion? Take this time to polish your menu selection and add or delete as necessary.

  1. Establish a cost estimate

Contact a wholesaler that is in the business of distributing the food products that you need and get price quotes. Create an expense sheet and evaluate your menu once again to see if there is any way to cut costs without cutting taste and appeal. Do not choose the cheapest grade foods to save money; simply remove an ingredient or two during the start up phase (only if necessary).

  1. Shop for the best Food Truck for Sale

Based on your chosen menu, you may now get to select the best food truck for sale that would suit your needs. As you may have already learned, each vending vehicle has a unique layout filled with personalized accessories.

We always recommend that you begin with a custom build because you would have control of the layout and personal branding. However, if the budget does not allow, you may be looking for already established food trucks for sale. In this instance, be sure to make a list of the features that each has and what you would need to add. Adaptation and upgrading an existing truck may cost more than a custom build, so be sure to do a price comparison before making your final decision.

Some of the custom fabrication that can be performed on food trucks for sale are:

  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Generator System
  • Water Supply  feeds
  • Sinks
  • Refrigerators, Freezers and Cold Storage
  • Cooking Stations such as Grilling and Warmers
  • Vending Dispensing Supplies and Equipment
  • Canopy Top and Roof Configuration
  • Exterior Branding and Graphic Design

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Tips to Start Your Own Street Vending Business

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Street and strip mall vending carts have been around for longer than most people may even realize. Throughout major cities such as Philly, NYC and Chicago, they are not only known but they are depended on for things such as lunch, the morning paper and novelty trinkets.

If this type of service is of interest to you, there are a few things you may need to know before you dive in. This lucrative and independent line of work can be a very rewarding career change, provided it is done with right.

Here are few things that you should consider before starting your own cart or food truck business:

Tip #1: Take a look at the need and location of a potential street marketing operation. You want to really make sure that you have ample access to foot traffic and easy accessibility for them. Major cities and industrial areas tend to lend the best return on investment, so start looking there.

Tip #2: Inquire locally and within your state to see what rules and regulations apply to street vending. Local ordinances change from town to town, so be certain to check with your township about things such as merchant and peddling licenses, advertising and location of cart.

Tip #3: Determine what you would like to sell. Rules and regulations are different based on the type of merchandise you are looking to dispense. Try to pigeon hole your business and not offer too much of a variety. Create a “niche” for yourself and then investigate whether or not you can open your own station with it.

Tip #4: Apply for and follow up with all necessary permits required to start your business. In some cases, this is not a terribly difficult thing to do, but it could be time consuming. If you wait until the last minute, you may not be fully operational until you receive the appropriate paperwork.

Tip #5:  Contact wholesale merchants and distributors to get price sheets and establish an account. When you are ready to start your business, this will be one less thing that you will have to worry about. If you are close to operational, then order a larger shipment for your first order. This will aid in determining how often you will need to re-order without the fear of running out of anything.

Tip #6: Gather and price promotional gear and order “grand opening” flyers for local business distribution. Offer free samples if you are able. Promoting your business may cost money in the beginning, but with enough elbow grease and the right work ethic, it will come back to you three-fold.

Creating a custom food and beverage cart can be overwhelming for those who attempt to do it themselves. Presentation and ease of operation are only a few of the things that need to be considered when building a work station. Visit our gallery to view our extensive line of merchandise and beverage carts, trikes and food trucks.